Traditional Cretan Cuisine


Traditional Cretan Cuisine

Traditional Cretan Cuisine

Αt the restaurant of the hotel “Neos Omalos” the visitor can try plenty of different flavours. However, the most important role in the menu is played by the recipes of the traditional Cretan cuisine. All the dishes that are served are prepared with fresh material grown in the area.

Recently there are many references to the traditional Cretan cuisine (Mediterranean nutrition). It is well-known that the Cretan nutrition is not only flavoursome and tasty but also extremely healthy. Food has a special role in the culture of the Cretan people, as important as the role of the ancient monuments, the sun and the sea.

The most important of the products resposnible for the prestige of the Cretan nutrition is virgin olive oil. An important contribution also comes from the local wine, vegetables, meat and cheese products (feta, graviera).